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We help over 5000+ student to establish their online carer

We’ve got a multi-talented team with a vast programming, writing, design and digital marketing experience.



To ensure your brand, website or marketing campaign stands out from your competitors, we’ve got an extensive industry experience coupled up with a customer-centric approach.

By being in the know about all the emerging trends in digital marketing, programming, and design, you can count on our skilled team of experts to get the job done exactly how you want it.

By understanding that with every business comes a new set of challenges with unique requirements, we closely analyze the best approach to bettering your business and deliver the perfect solution to meet your specific needs. By doing this, you’ll be able to stay ahead of your competition due to a diverse industry client.

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Digital Marketing Services 

That Deliver Real World Results!

We are a one-stop-shop for all your SEO,Web,Grapic,3D & Internet Marketing Needs.

Search Engine

Optimization SEO

By utilizing search engines and online media preferences while at the same time making it a priority to meet the needs of your potential customers, your brand will stand out. We make it a priority to increase online visibility by putting your brand right in front of the target customers.

Facebook ads

By going through lots of data and paying attention to every detail to optimize your ads, we can have the target audience discover, get in love with and stick to your product. To get you the best results, we’ll go an extra mile and do all that’s necessary to optimize your ads to build your brand.


google ads

Via matching the most popular keywords with the ads we create, the chances of your ad attracting potential customers are higher. The end goal here is to have your ad ranked highest so that not only will it be eligible to show but it’s going to rank as one of the top ads in the related niche.

Organic Social

Media Traffic

Though it has been around for some time now, social media marketing has been overlooked by most. Now, to increase your organic social media traffic, we’ll manage your social media posts most effectively so that your posts are seen by your followers.

You-tube SEO

Unlike regular SEO, YouTube SEO is a little different and there’s more to it than just keyword search. With our skilled team of experts working on your content, you’ll also be getting the most engaging playlists, long enough videos, consistent postings and plenty more plus we pay attention to the tiny details such as the title, description, and thumbnails


Instagram is all about the visual and one of the best social media marketing platforms. By creating and implementing marketing campaigns on your behalf, you’ll be able to reach out to more audience. We also monitor your account, the audience growth and reporting all of which coupled up with a high level of creativity greatly boosts your brand.

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Web Development Service

Trun Your Business Online Today!

We are a one-stop-shop for all your SEO & Internet Marketing Needs.



If you are looking for a powerful yet high-performance WordPress website made for you, this is it. With our team specializing in the creation of an effective website with the best User interface and user experience by utilizing the latest tech, you’ll reach out to more audience unlike ever before.

Blog Website

With blogs being one of the most engaging ways to keep your customers and have more flooding in, the team ensures there’s full customer satisfaction, a friendly user interface, and a tested & bug-free blog website. We also go a step ahead and carry on maintenance

Company Website

Having an amazing website is the surest way to lure in and retain your customers, right? This being the case, we’ll have a beautiful and high converting landing page for your company. This way, it’ll be much easier to navigate the website which is a priority for all users.


As much as ready-made themes are an option when working with most website builders, we intend to make your brand stand out. By being original while at the same time posing a friendly user interface and meeting all the desired requirements for the satisfaction of the target audience, you couldn’t go wrong.

Tech Support

In every online marketing service, we specialize in, we do have the best technical support team. This way, it’s much easier to meet your demands fast enough and in turn convert more customers.


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Data Entry Service

A must-have feature for all successful businesses, data entry helps you keep track of your business and finances. By allowing us to be a part of your business, we’ll have your data accurately and systematically analyzed so that the set of data under analysis can be easily accessed and used later on in the future.

The goal here is that at the end of the day, it will be much easier to manage your data and by doing so keep track of the well being of the different fields of your business.

Mobile Apps Development Service

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Digital Marketing

Being one of the lead digital marketing agencies, you can count on Step21 Ltd to make your products easier to find where they are needed most. With a team that’s skilled at bringing awareness and converting customers, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors.

Web Development

Other than designing websites with the best UI and UX using some of the best web builders such as Joomla and WordPress, we focus on the backend as well using raw PHP coding. By doing this, you’ll have a fast and user-friendly website that’ll win you more customers from the start.

3D Animation

With the incorporation of the latest and best tools in 3D animation, it will be much easier to deliver your message via the best visuals. In addition to the best software and tools, we do have an experienced well-coordinated team that you can rely on to get you the best outcomes.

Graphics Design

When you need to make a lasting impression, graphic design is the way to go. With us, you can have the perfect logo, business cards, labels, business cards and plenty more designed for you so that your brand will be visually presented where it’s most needed.

Our clients say

"As far as customized web design, optimization and development are concerned, they're the best. Plus, the delivery is on time and the quality is not compromised."
Hilary Leigh
“Step21 Ltd is a game-changer in delivering some of the most creative pieces of work I’ve ever seen. You can count on this team to have your back.”
Hall Read
“if you are looking for the surest way to get more for less, then this is a team you should collaborate with. I've had an amazing logo and plenty of business cards designed and delivered on time. My first choice graphic design outsource company"
Quintin Angus
“This is the surest way to have crisp, attractive and highly responsive websites to use on different platforms. I'm mainly impressed by the straight to the point and well laid out content”
Jillie Tempest

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