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Your Trusted Data Entry Outsourcing Company

Regardless of the of the business you’re running, keeping records is one of the main things you could do as such as to guarantee that all the business techniques are being driven all around ok.

The miserable thing, but is that in many associations, information section winds up burning-through loads of time and assets so that toward the day’s end, there is an additional expense. As badly arranged as this might appear to be, it tragically must be done since the last thing you need is compromising the records of your business.

Presently, imagine a scenario in which I let you know that with the administrations gave here at Step21 Ltd, you can have most extreme certainty that your records will be taken care of precisely by perhaps the most talented group of employee.

Thus, that being said, perused on and see what there is to anticipate once you decided to work with us

Get an improved quality of information

At Step21 Ltd, we focus on it to streamline the worth of the data you give us down to the tinniest subtleties. After doing as such, you’ll have a complete catch of information where case we center around just the vital fields of the arrangement of date you’ve given us.

As well as just zeroing in on the main segments of the information, we likewise feel free to list the information so that report searches will be quicker and more proficient in EDRMS frameworks.

Concerning the information catch process, we fundamentally saddle full data esteem from the reports thus conveying exhaustive catch of information from the fields in your record that help Enterprise Resource Planning and line of business frameworks.

Basic Data Entry

$6 / hour
  • PDF To Excel
  • image to Excel
  • Content Publishing
  • Data Checking
  • 24/7 support

Data Processing

$7 / hour
  • Data Deduplication Services
  • Data Cleansing Services
  • Survey Processing Services
  • Mailing List Compilation
  • 24/7 support

e-commerce Data Updating

$8 / hour
  • Product Research
  • Image Update
  • Product Description
  • Customer Support
  • 24/7 support

Data Mining Services

$8 / hour
  • Collecting information from different sources
  • desired output formats like CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Word etc
  • Creating mailing lists for marketing campaigns and advertisements.
  • 24/7 support

How we digitalize and convert the data

It’s implied that one of the primary components the vast majority anticipate when searching out information passage administrations is how the information will be introduced back to them by the day’s end, correct?

Thinking about this, we have more than 100 information section experts in this field who will be entrusted with your undertaking so, all in all they will focus on it to have it done well and present to you as requested. A portion of the normal advanced arrangements the vast majority of our customers like to have their information incorporate MS Word, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, SGML, MS Excel and XML.

Why information change?

However much tracking your business on paper might be viable, it doesn’t actually draw near to what you will get if you decide to have the information changed over to an electronic organization. We work on a wide range of media going from research papers and periodicals to patient records from hospitalswe’ve taken care of which would then be able to be changed over to both of the recorded types of electronic media or even site pages.

Always keep track of your projects

Data entry services

Around here at Step21 Ltd, straightforwardness is our main need by which we focus on it to make it simple for you to monitor your undertakings. We fundamentally make this conceivable by permitting you to see straightforwardly into what we’ve done as such far in the information section projects you have entrusted us with. This holds from the reason behind getting the information to the quality control of the information and to the last conveyance.

Complete accuracy

With accuracy and thoughtfulness regarding subtleties being probably the best worth we maintain here at Step21 Ltd since the time we got into business longer than 10 years prior (in 2008), we’ve gained from our errors and accumulated everything necessary to get you what you truly need as we have taken care of many activities every year throughout the long term.

Most importantly, we utilize the utilization of the best media transmission, programming and equipment tech as well as having bunches of representatives who make adaptability practical in any event, for the huge volumes of work.

That is not all…

We are in general with regards to the subtleties, correct? Indeed, incidentally, there could be no greater way of guaranteeing you get our customers what they truly need other than twofold checking the final products prior to considering it qualified for definite show to you.

Presently, thinking about all the abovementioned, there’s actually no more excellent way of ensuring a good outcome; things being what they are, the reason bet on taking care of this all alone while investing bunches of energy and assets simultaneously though you could basically share us with it with take care of business?

We guarantee utmost security of your data

The fundamental worry for a great many people with regards to re-appropriating their information to outsider hotspots for it to be recorded and changed over to a versatile and effectively usable arrangement is undermining their security.

With regards to us, notwithstanding, you don’t actually need to stress over this since at Step21 Ltd we maintain business morals to guarantee that you, as our shoppers are completely fulfilled.

This is fundamentally accomplished by surpassing the business norms with respect to protection and security of your information. To add icing to the cake, our group of specialists can be relied on all around ok to deal with your archives without compromising it falling into wrong hands.

Project Manager

Mr. Jack Williamson is a talented information section trained professional and the lead project supervisor who co-ordinates each datum passage task and has been with us for longer than 10 years. By improving the utilization of the most recent tech highlights adding in to the all around facilitated group of 100+ information section specialists, it will be both fun and creative to work with Step21 IT Ltd.

On going

In a nutshell, here’s what you get by working with us

Obviously information section is to be sure a help that you should search out and outwit. In this way, to have your records overseen as other significant organizations we’ve worked with from private organizations to clinics have, everything boils down to working with the best and most experienced group of representatives which we just so end up having.

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